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Writer of code and wielder of information technology living in Tallahassee, Florida.

MS in computer science from Florida State University. My thesis research involved code optimization using an optimizing compiler and a new computer architecture framework that took advantage of identifying and collapsing data dependencies among sets of three-address machine code instructions. The areas of computer science that interest me include compilers, computer architecture, programming language design, data science, and machine learning.

Before entering the CS program at FSU, I spent some time in Japan working for the Ministry of Education as a high school English teacher and coordinator for the English teaching program in Tokushima Prefecture. After returning to the States, I briefly dabbled in law school and managed a small business in Tallahassee for a couple of years.

As far as hobbies and recreation not related to computer science go, I'm a gamer (chess, go, Settlers, mtg), a reader, and someone who likes to do just about anything outdoors.